What will it do next?

A little over a week and a half ago we were experiencing the worst ice storm in this areas history. It started out by raining for 36 hours, threatening to flood some areas. Then the temperature dropped and the rain began coating everything with 3/4 of an inch of ice. Then the freezing rain turned to snow and the temps dropped to the lowest of the winter season.

The scope of the damage caused by the ice was something to behold. The sound of the ice covered trees breaking and crashing down to earth accompanied by the shattering ice was akin to listening to a bull in a china shop. There are still masses of trees and branches everywhere. Some are still lying precariously across power and telephone lines.

Then we had a few days of temps in the upper 60s with sunshine. The ice and snow are gone. Just for some variety today we have a high wind warning to be followed by the threat of thunderstorms and even higher wind gusts this afternoon. The utility company has put out an advisory that “some power outages may occur.” Humm, really?

There is still a large tree lying across our telephone line. When we went by that area yesterday we noticed that not only was the tree still there, but that it was hanging much lower. I am not sure just how much more strain the line can take, but the wind that is cranking outside will not help that situation. The large tree is not the only one lying across said line, it is just the biggest. If we do not lose phone service with this, I will be amazed.


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