Upcoming, The 127 Yardsale!

It is almost time again for the Worlds’ Largest Yard Sale. I look forward to this event because of all the different things to be found and because I love yard sales. And flea markets. And Auctions. Etc., etc., etc…….

This year I am going to be selling during the 127. I have spent a lot of time gathering things to sell during this event. I am looking forward to hopefully having a good crowd stop by. I live just off of highway 127, so with good signage directing folks here I have high hopes.

I have a diverse collection of mostly vintage kitchenalia, Including a beautiful mid-1930’s Frigidaire fridge. It is in amazing condition considering its’ age. I am hoping that someone will want to take it home with them.

The 127 yard sale runs August 2, 3&4th. I am hoping that it will not be too hot! It has been sweltering in past years, but that has not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of either the vendors or the shoppers.

I will post again after the yard sale. Wish me luck!


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