Spring Moonlight

A bright silver-yellow disk rides low in the night sky,casting its diffuse rays wider as it rises in the darkness, climbing ever higher into the star lit heavens. Under its gentle light a world half in darkness notes its passing.

In the hayfield the moonlight filters through the ghostly mist that hovers above the newly green grasses and blooming weeds. A faint breeze stirs the mist creating swirls reminiscent of other worldly dancers performing a long forgotten waltz to unheard music. The baby leaves on the trees applaud in hushed and reverent tones.

The moon filters through the trees along the creek mingling reflected light and shadow upon an unpainted and unnamed masterpiece. The gentle symphony of tumbling water joins the chorus of serenading night bugs, providing the perfect background harmony.The dew silently gathers on the tips the grass and reflects the lunar incandescence as if it were a carpet of diamonds stretching into forever.


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