Random Thoughts…..

Sometimes thoughts of what the world used to be and the reality of the way things are today, collide in my head……

People that you interact with are not what they used to be, either. Sometimes I wonder if most people know the meaning of different concepts. Like honor. Trust. Courage. Character. Virtue.

Who was the last truly honorable person that you knew? When was the last time you acted or reacted in a truly honorable fashion? Are the concepts of honor, trust, courage, character and virtue foreign to your way of thinking? Are these concepts things that you have even thought about?

I began thinking about these in a moment of self reflection. Sometimes you just have to stop to take stock of yourself. To honestly look at the type of person that you are and that you present to the world.

Something I have noticed is that most people can’t be honest, even with, or especially with themselves. If you can’t be brutally honest with that person in the mirror, just who is it that you can be honest with?

Ask yourself, what is it that you really want? I am not talking about houses, cars or any other type of possession. All of those things are just things. Yes, you need a place to live. What about the quality of life that you are living? Once again, I am not talking about material things here. Are you in touch with your spirit, or soul or that force that makes you who you are?

I am striving to be the type of person who is in touch, honestly, with myself and to be an honorable person. A person who is in touch with not only myself and those I love, but also the beauty of the natural world around me. To really see, hear and feel the wonders of nature each and every day. To know the joy of the love of the people that I care about and who care about me.

So I begin my conscious journey……


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