Mayhem and other bits of joy…..

I think the on going heat and humidity have finally gotten to what is left of my brain. Did that make any sense? Whatever.

Last week end we went to the flea market at the local drive-in movie theater. The theater shows double features every week end, current movies even. What was I saying??? Oh, the flea market. I always seem to find something that I just can’t live with out. Last week end that was a tiny female kitten.

She is the sweetest little thing. Really. But she has decided that my toes are her favorite mid night playthings. And that sitting on my face is fun. And attacking my feet from a position of stealth from under the bed is a good pass time. Along with wanting to jump on my lap….while I am in the bathroom. She has earned her name. Mayhem. Miss Mayhem, that is.

My youngest daughter is expecting her second child. At any moment. She has had an on going bout of false labor. For the last 5 days. The baby has dropped to the point that she says she waddles more than a duck on ice. Her air conditioning isn’t working the greatest and she is totally fed up with people constantly checking up on her. Usually just when she has finally been able to fall asleep. If she could move faster those people would be in a world of hurt, literally. I wish I was was closer (she is in a different state). I have no problem with mobility and I could catch them for her. I am sure she would feel less stressed that way.

Anyway. I will post an up-date when the baby finally decides to make her appearance.


One thought on “Mayhem and other bits of joy…..

  1. Brain? Heat? Our son and fiancee just acquired a new baby kitten to accompany their older cat.

    Congrats on the almost here grandbaby! Yikes. Heat. People bothering. Tell her to tell them to kiss her ass and call after peoples (baby) have arrived. Sounds like she knows what’s what.


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