By the swingset the ground is a mass of purple violets. In the perennial border, yellow daffodils nod above the grape hyacinth, and at the back of the garden the forsythia in full bloom is a mass of brilliant yellow, looking as if the sun itself has come down to earth.
In the woodland garden delicate white bloodroot blossoms push up through downy leaves, and deep red trilliums greet the spring. Pale hepatica rise above clusters of three lobed leaves and the rows of white Dutchman’s Breeches dangle on delicate stems in the lilac-scented air. Robins carry trailing strands of grasses back to the trees in which they’ve nested year after year, and lambs born in the last few months now romp and play on the greening hillsides.
Like on a lacquered Japanese screen, the white apricot blossoms burst open on leafless branches in the orchard. Everywhere new life is emerging. As bees forage in the yellow-green blossoms of the maple tree, and the time has come to lift the winter blanket of leaves from the herb garden. There the yellow dandelion-like flowers of colts-foot, on thick scaly stems, are pushing up long before leaves appear. The pleated leaves of lady’s mantle, are just beginning to unfold, and the blue-green buds of cleansing rue are beginning to swell.
As April draws to a close, the brilliant golden yellow of daffodils and forsythia give way to pink azaleas, which range in color from red to white. Spikes of purple ajuga cover the ground above bronze foliage. The lilac bushes are laden with heavenly perfumed purple or white blossoms, and the fruit orchard is a spectacle of flowers. The Easter basket is in fact the May basket about to be filled with the spectacular beauty of nature in full bloom.


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