Only 11 shopping days left……

until Valentines Day.
What a load of crap. It is just another reason to go out and spend money, so you can prove to someone that you love them.
Well, go ahead. Far be it for me to tell you not to. You have a brain, or something taking up space between your ears, decide for yourself. I realise that is a radical concept.
Everywhere you look are ads for Valentines Day, and if that isn’t bad enough, lurking in the wings is Easter. Those damned bunnies are already showing up in every store you walk into. And you know what they say about rabbits.
Then even before they finally get rid of all the damned bunnies, who have multiplied like Tribbles in a grain bin, the retailers are hawking merchandise for Mothers Day. “If you love your mother you will buy her X.”
Followed closely by Fathers Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and every retailers nervana, Christmas.
I am worn out already.


2 thoughts on “Only 11 shopping days left……

  1. damn hearts and bunnies and mothers and fathers and presidents and veterans and arbors and jesus! When will it end!

    hi, been a long time!

    are you a facebooker?

    you should be! that’s where all the cool kids are! look me up there. Tony Tenerelli in Oklahoma. Yep, I moved….details on facebook!

  2. I like the holidays, but that would stop if I was expected to do something. Every now and then I like to surprise someone, and these provide a great excuse.

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