Don’t Die of Shock!

After many months of silence, finally a post. We have no internet connection at home and haven’t since my last post. The phone company is NOT my friend.

Anyway, I will try to get to the local library from time to time to use their internet connection.

Sorry that I have been gone so long…..I have missed posting and communicating!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Die of Shock!

  1. Funny I should drop by so soon after your latest post. I hope all is well, and that you find more time to hang out here (and at the forum). You’ve been missed.

  2. Was wondering about you! Phone companies seem oddly resistant to actually performing the duties that they exist to perform. We had a 3-day outage over Thanksgiving that seemed to be the result of canceling the landline on one floor of the house—the landline on the other floor also went out. Nothing like your dilemma, though.

    Hope you make it to the library more often!

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