Timers, Tomatoes and Tinks

These are the things that are making up my world recently. My tomatoes are showing no signs of even slowing down their fruit production. Most days find me out picking the ripe tomatoes, usually filling a 5 gallon bucket.  Everyday I look for signs of the plants begining to die off, but they are remaining a very healthy looking shade of green.

It is amazing the amount of green tomatoes that there still are on the plants. Loads of all sizes from tiny to fill your hand on the Big Boys. The Romas are not to be out done either. Just to look at the quantity of tomatoes in the garden, you would think that none had been harvested. I have picked scads of tomatoes and have made sauce and salsa. There are still scads yet to ripen and be picked.

I think that quantity wise, the tomatoes are trying to out do the cucumbers and green beans. It is just wonderful how well the garden is producing this year. My rusty canning memory is really getting a work out. But I have rows of beautiful canned home grown produce to show for my efforts. I know that when we are enjoying the canned and frozen produce in the middle of winter, it will have been worth all the work of gardening and preserving.


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