Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog…..

For some reason that was what was going through my mind as I stirred the latest batch of simmering sauce. Maybe it was because of the steam rising off the sauce and being blown ever so slightly by the breeze. Due to the breeze the steam was cascading over the top of the pot and down one side a la the stereotypical witch of Halloween lore. Or maybe it was because I have just spent so much time simmering and canning tomatoes.

This batch of sauce is made up of only Roma tomatoes. The others were a combination of the Fouth of Julys, Big Boys and Romas. The Fourth of July tomatoes are finished and I am using the Big Boys to make salsa. I will be, hopefully, canning this sauce later today, after it reduces some. Tomorrow I need to make a couple of batches of salsa and get those canned as I am sure I have enough Big Boys sitting on the table to do that.

Finally the peppers, both the green peppers and the jalapenos are putting on fruit. Mr.B had potted the green peppers from the garden since so few of them came up to make weeding that area easier. Maybe that is what set them back, but the jalapenos were left where they were planted and they are in the same mode as the green peppers. Oh well, they are both finally blooming and putting on fruit.

I was able to find some more pint jars. I happened to be at Wal Mart shortly after they were stocked on the shelves. Needless to say what they put out didn’t last long. I walked by the shelf on my up to the check out and the shelves were bare again. But I was able to get five flats of a dozen jars each, so hopefully that will be enough for the rest of the tomatoes and the apples that I want to get soon.

I have not been the only person looking for jars. There have been ads on Craigslist and in the local paper of folks looking for jars. When I passed a couple of older ladies in Wal Mart and they saw I had jars they both asked me at the same time if there were any left. They stated that they had been having a difficult time finding jars, used or new, and that they had already used up all that they owned. It seems that more folks are canning this year.


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