Exploring the 127 Yard Sale

Yesterday Hunter and I spent most of the day at the 127 yard sale. The weather was perfect, low 80s, clear blue sky and a light breeze. Usually it is a sweltering 90+ degrees and 90+ humidity, making for a few short visits. Instead we spent hours going form one location to another and looking at all the things for sale.

We saw everything from antiques to vegetables. It was so nice to be able to take our time and wander around looking at things. There was a larger than normal crowd of folks out enjoying the sales and for the most part everyone was relaxed and happy. The vendors were more willing to take the time to chat and to bargain on the prices of their items.

Hunter had lots of questions about most of the antique items we saw. Especially when it came to the tools and such. He was particularly facinated with one of the places we stopped. That sale was being held in an old tobacco barn. He thought it was so neat to able to actually go into one of those types barns that he has seen many times, but never been inside. This barn was crammed with antiques, everything from furniture to kitchenalia to tools.

As usual, Hunter was flirting with the older ladies and as usual they ended up giving some little knic knac for free. He would take the item, give them a huge smile and tell them “Thank you”. Then I would get a compliment about how well behaved and how cute he was. That boy knows how to schmooze. He was at it again when we stopped for lunch at a little country drive in restaurant. When we walked up to the window to order, he stood on tip toe and told the lady exactly what he wanted for lunch and she was charmed, especially when he ended his request with a thank you, unprompted by me.

We had a good time and came home with a few bargains. Hunter had been wanting a toy kitchen, to the point that he was trying to make one out of empty cardboard boxes. He loves to help me in the kitchen and is always fascinated with how different ingredients go together to make things. When we stopped at one sale there was an entire play kitchen up for sale. He ran up to it like it was Christmas morning and his every wish had come true. So naturally I bought it for him.

It is so amusing to watch this rough and tumble boy play chef with this kitchen. After we got it home and set up in the kitchen he spent the rest of the day making and serving pretend food to anyone who would sit still long enough. He just might be a world class chef in the making, well at least when he isn’t out bashing and crashing his cars, digging in the dirt or playing baseball.


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