It’s that time of year again….

Time for the worlds longest yard sale, The hi way 127 yard sale, August 7-10.

We had to go out yesterday and go the grocery, and along the way we noticed that some folks were already setting up for the event. There were signs everywhere, advertizing both spaces for rent and actual sales. As the week goes on there will be more and more vendors setting up shop.

I will be curious to see if things are as busy as in previous years, with the price of gas. I have seen lots of out of state vendors at the past sales and wonder if there will be as many this time. There are usually many vendors that come and stay at their sites in RVs and campers. Time will tell I guess.

One other thing that seems to accompany the 127 sale, a heat wave. The forecast is for temps in the 90s with a good dose of humidity thrown in for good measure. I will be going out to do some looking around at the sale, but won’t be going very far. There is usually so much to see within 15 miles of the gulch that it is really unnecessary to go any further anyway.


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