I’m Drowning….

in a sea of cucumbers. I went out again to day to pick the bigger ones. I ended up with two large regtangular laundry baskets full. I had to bring them to the house in the wheel barrow since I couldn’t lift and carry either basket very far. Most of the cucumbers are 8 to 10 inches long and a good 2 to 3 inches in circumfrence.

The plants are huge and still loaded with more cucumbers in various sizes and still blooming like crazy. In the last garden here at the gulch I planted the same amount of seed and got one lone cucumber. I think this years crop is making up for that dissapointment. I have never seen so many cucumbers from one row.

We have been eating fresh cucumbers every day. I have made pickles. There are four ice chests stuffed full, there is a 12 volt cooler stuffed full, along with every available space in the refridgerator. I think I am begining to have nightmares about cucumbers.


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