More Garden News

Yesterday I went out and got a second picking of green beans. Out of this batch I blanched and froze another generous 25 pints! The garden is producing very well. I have been amazed at the sheer quantity of most things. The quality of the produce is wonderful as well.

Even though I said I would not start tomatoes from seed again, I did. The tomato plants are huge, much bigger than in my previous garden. They are loaded with blossoms and fruit. I have a feeling that when all the tomatoes begin to ripen I am going to have a substantial crop.

The cucumbers are producing like wildfire. The plants, like most everything else in this years garden, are huge. They are still loaded with blooms and I have alreay harvested a large amount. I have made pickles and had fresh cucumbers for dinner every night. I need to go out again today and I am sure that I will find another abundance of cukes ready to be picked.

I have harvested one of the two kinds of carrots that I planted. Those are now snuggled into the chest freezer along with the peas and green beans. There is still another type of carrots that will need to be picked here shortly.

I planted two different varieties of sweet corn and both seem to be doing quite well. Both are looking very healthy and are tasseled out. I see the beginings of ears forming on both types. With all the deer we have seen on a regular basis lately, I am hoping they leave my corn alone. If the corn does as well as just about everything else I will have a good supply both fresh eating and to put in the freezer.

Staying ahead of the weeds has been an ongoing chore as they are growing as prolifically as everything else. Since I have had Mr.B’s help with the weeding we are doing a much better job of staying ahead of them than I could ever do by myself. This is his first experience with a garden and I do believe that I have him hooked. Even with all the wok of preparing the soil, planting and weeding.

We have been enjoying fresh lettuce salads every day for quite a while. However, with the recent heat just about all the lettuce has bolted and is or already has gone to putting out seed heads. I have more seed for some succession planting and need to go out and strip out the rest of the remaining lettuce and get more planted.


2 thoughts on “More Garden News

  1. I wish I were your neighbor, I bet you share your vegetables with them. Sounds like you have a very productive garden! It is so much fun to walk out to the garden every day and start picking vegetables and small fruit.

  2. I’d have a garden, but every time I traveled for work it would get neglected. Don’t get me wrong, there’d be someone here to water and tend to it, SHE just won’t.

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