Yesterday was a busy day, as predicted. The jars were purchased to make the the pickles and then I headed out to the garden to pick green beans. I had taken along my good sized basket to put the green beans in to carry back to the house. However, in a very short period of time it was quite obvious that I was going to need something bigger. I had filled the basket to overflowing and hadn’t even made it a third of the way down the first row.

I trudged back to the house with my overflowing basket, dumped it out on the kitchen table and grabbed a 4 gallon bucket to go along with my now empty basket. Back out to the garden I went, wondering if the bucket and basket were going to be full at the end. I filled the basket again and still had about 3/4 of a row to pick, and the remainder filled my 4 gallon bucket!

From the first picking of green beans I now have 21 generous pints of green beans ensconsed in the chest freezer. There are more beans that will need to be picked probably next week sometime and all of the plants are still loaded with blossoms.

After processing all of the green beans I moved on to making pickles. I haven’t made pickles in years. It all came back to me fairly quickly. The tactile memory of stuffing cucumbers into canning jars made it feel like it was only a short time ago that I had done this. Or maybe it was some form of weird dejavu…….. I really am not sure at this point. But I now have 7 quarts of Kosher dill spears proudly sitting on the counter…….and more cucumbers still to address. I am thinking about making sliced pickles out of those and trying not to think about all the cucumbers still growing (and the myriad of blooms) out in my one row.

I really am so pleased that the garden is producing so well. I am sure that when we are enjoying the fruits of my summertime labors in the middle of winter it will be very satisfying indeed.


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