General Stuff

We have been enjoying some very nice weather lately, but could really do with some rain. Until the last couple of days the temperatures have been in the 80’s, but the 90’s are here again. The full days of sunshine are nice, but I would gladly trade one for some clouds and rain. The garden and the yard could do with a good rain. Fortunately there is a chance of showers in the forecast for the next few days.

I made a batch of soap a few days ago and am impatiently waiting for it to dry enough to get it out of its’ mold. Unfortunately there has been rather high humidity, so that means it will take a bit longer for the soap to dry. This batch is an olive oil castille, a really mild soap when finished. It is also more liquid at the pour and hense takes longer to dry. I need to remember to get another stick blender to use just for soap making. Using this really makes the stirring process for most soaps much quicker and lessens the time spent stirring after the lye mixture is added to the fats. I have another soap recipe that I want to make, but really want to get the stick blender first.

The humming birds are back in full force. I think we have about 4 or 5 that are competing for the feeder. They are so funny to watch as they play king of the feeder and try to chase the others off. As quickly as the level goes down in the feeder I am sure that each one is getting their share and they seem to change being the top bird frequently.

Hunter is having a good time playing outside. As a true testament to how much time he spends outside, he has a really good tan. Although sometimes I wonder, especially before his bath, just how much is tan and how much is dirt. He has discovered that it is great fun to take his evening bath in the rinse tub on the back porch. He likes the fact that no one gets upset with how much he splashes. So the rinse tub does dual duty, one for rinsing the laundry done in the wringer washer and also as his personal outdoor bath tub.


2 thoughts on “General Stuff

  1. Aww taking a bath on the back porch must be great fun for him! I think if I could fit in it, I would probably do that too, although I’m not sure how fond of the idea my neighbors would be given all the staring they like to do over here. =)

  2. I’ve seen hummers lately, finally. We have a puffball bush that has just gone gangbusters this year. To the point where the neighbors exclaims over it. The hummingbirds love it. Forget the other dead stuff surrounding it…

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