A weeding I will go……

I spent the entire day yesterday weeding in the garden. Most things have been coming along quite nicely, but were in need of some rain. We had wonderful rain showers last Friday. I had things just spring up, including the weeds.

Since I did not have a garden last year, my garden space was taken over by very large and invasive weeds. I have been out on a regular basis hoping to keep them in check, but with the needed rain they came up in full force. It was a long battle yesterday but I liberated most of the garden. There is still a bit left to do, but the area that is done looks wonderful.

Today I need to go out and mow. This has already been made much easier since Mr.B did a mass weed eating yesterday. So now it will only take a couple of hours mowing and the yard will look good too. I am really enjoying all the time that I am spending outside among the green and growing things.


One thought on “A weeding I will go……

  1. Our weeds would be much worse if we ever got any decent amount of rain. As it stands, they are still pretty bad, the poor grass is struggling amongst the weeds. The yard is looking very neglected these days, and that’s mostly because it IS neglected!

    Thanks for coming by. I will post very soon. My schedule changed, and everything is all topsy turvy right now, but I think things are settling down some. I’ve been missing the ole blog, and I anticipate posting within the next few days!

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