Garden Report

It has been just over a week since I finished planting. We had a nice rain over the week end and the garden is showing definite signs of life!  The early sweet corn is about 2 inches high.  The first planting of green beans, peas, onions,and radishes have made their appearance.  I expect to see other things coming up when I can get out there to do some weeding when this little spell of rain has passed.

It is so nice to see everything green and growing! I think one of reasons that this past winter seemed so long was that due to the heat and drought of last summer, lots of things died off early. Long before autumn, quite a number of the trees had already lost their leaves. The grass in the yard had mostly turned brown. Most things, it seemed, had just given up the will to live. They had either died off or gone dormant waiting for better conditions.

The lush green that surrounds us now is even more abundant looking, if for no other reason than the starkness we dealt with most of last year.


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