After feeling like death warmed over for the last two+ weeks, I think I am finally beginning to feel human again.  We have had a wonderful cold/flu virus circulating around the gulch.  I was hoping to be spared, but living amongst the viral soup that was just unrealistic, and I succumbed.

With spring blossoming all around feeling sick was all that much worse. I didn’t really enjoy all the plants and trees bursting into leaves and flowers. Sleep was an elusive thing. Lying down only spurred on fits of coughing, so many nights I just sat up listening to a cacophony of wheezes, sneezes and coughs emanating from all parts of the house. It sounded like the terminal ward of a TB hospital.

I actually got a full nights sleep last night. That alone has gone a long way to helping me feel better. And that was after I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the afternoon, something that I next to never do. But I guess exhaustion finally took over.

I am hoping for another full nights sleep tonight. Maybe then I will be back to my normal self instead of a grouchy, hacking, sleep deprived lunatic…………….


2 thoughts on “Finally……..

  1. Hope you continue your recovery, and you’re right rest is the key to getting better. My household just went through some stomach virus thing. It went through all of my kids and just when I started thinking I would escape unharmed…it hit me too.

  2. Gad, I hope you’re feeling better. Dragging oneself through the viral mud sucks.
    Just rest and don’t push.

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