Sometimes it is the small stuff

That just really gets to be annoying. Sometimes it is the bigger stuff. And sometimes it is the rude stuff.

When you live out in the middle of nowhere sometimes folks make assumptions about you. Such as you really enjoy it when they dump trash practically in your front yard. In the time that we have lived here at the gulch I have worked to make my yard a pleasant place. I mow the grass, plant flowers and flowering bushes. I trim down the weeds. But I have never put up a sign that says dump your unwanted crap. Besides numerous fast food wrappers and paper cups, I have found empty beer cans, worn out tires, a broken toilet, used disposable diapers and even used tampons dumped on the side of the road opposite of our property. Do people think I really want to look at this, much less smell it on a warm day?

Another sign I have never put up is: Dump your unwanted animals here! I am not an animal refuge. I am not here to take care of your unwanted pets. Just because we live out and away from anyone else does not mean that this is an animal sanctuary. I enjoy the wildlife that abounds around us, the wild turkeys, deer, fox, coyotes and raccoons. Well maybe not the coons so much as they try to get into our properly contained trash. The difference here is that these are wild animals and not someones unwanted dog, puppies, cat or kittens.

Don’t get me wrong here, I happen to love animals. I have even had pets. But the pets I have had are the ones that I have chosen to have and to be responsible for……..not the ones that some folks have seen fit to dump off in a midnight drive by. I wonder if they think I will just not notice that instead of having just one dog that suddenly there are more. Or that maybe I will have forgotten that I didn’t have cat or kittens.

Just because I have more than one vehicle parked in my driveway does not mean that they are for sale. Especially since none of them have a For Sale sign on them. Neither am I privy to information about what other folks have for sale in a fifty mile radius. No, I have not put up a sign that says stop here for all your information needs.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it is the small stuff

  1. Wow, welcome to my world! A new housing development popped up in our back yard a couple of years ago. There’s a creek running behind our house and people dump their crap right in our ditch. I had to remind each an every one of them that they were dumping their shit on our property, not in some easement. Pisses me off.

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