It looks like we are now getting all the rain that we missed out on last summer. With this latest batch of rain (it began raining early yesterday) our total stands at 2 1/2 inches. It’s a good thing that the heavy showers have been spaced out or the creek would be inching its way to the fence in the backyard. The creek is full, but not yet overflowing its banks.

The yard is filling in and greening up nicely. Such a change from the sad state it was in last year. The spots where it had just given up trying to grow are now just a memory. This is the nicest it has looked since we acquired the gulch. I am hoping that the rains continue throughout the summer.

Due to the rain and soggy conditions work on the garden space has come to a halt. I am sure that we will be able to go back to it sometime soon. There is only about a quarter of it left to de-weed and rake. Then it will be ready to till. I am looking forward to seeing vegetables growing there instead of weeds.

The rhubarb seems to be thriving on all the wet weather. The plants appear to be a couple of inches taller just about every day. I can hardly wait until they are big enough to begin picking some. I am so happy that they survived the multiple hard freezes last spring and then being burned to a crisp in last summers heat and drought.

I am anxiously awaiting some true sign that the apple and pear trees have come through last years tough weather. A couple of them seem to be putting out leaf buds. Hopefully after this round of rain, when I can get out to check on them, there will be unmistakable signs of life on all of them.


One thought on “Rain

  1. I love this time of year. We have been getting our fair share of much needed rain as well. I’m not a rhubarb fan, but I hope yours produces fantastic fruit or vegetables…whatever the heck that is. Every time I’ve had it, it was very bitter.

    Here, we’re watching for our fishtail palms and bamboo to grow. We’re using that foliage to hide the new neighborhood that was just built behind us. Last year our 2 year old bamboo had 25′ stalks come up. We’re hoping for more of the same this year.

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