Garden Hiatus

The work on preparing the garden space has hit a snag. It is mostly due to weather conditions and not lack of interest. We have had a spell of rain and much cooler temperatures. It seems like every time I head out for the garden I am greeted with showers and/or a very chilly breeze. I comfort myself with the knowledge that there is still plenty of time to finish preparing the garden before it is time to plant.

I am very happy to have regular rain after last years drought. Even though there are things that I want to do outside, I just can’t get too upset when those plans are delayed by rain. The memory of those hot, humid and rainless months is still fresh in my mind. And not something that I want to see a repeat of any time soon.

I have been out looking for signs of life from some of the things I planted last spring. I have found a few. The lilac bushes that were planted outside the fence are budding out well. I think I have seen a couple of the honeysuckle beginning to come up. Those I gave up for dead last summer. So far I have seen three of the peony bushes sending up new growth.  I am happy that any of those things survived.

I know that days of warmth and sun will be upon us soon. I am anxious for the green to surround us once again. I am also looking forward to the return of the humming birds, that are so interesting to watch.  And to the days when the house can be open to the fresh air with delicious breezes blowing through the house. I guess that I am just more than ready for spring.


One thought on “Garden Hiatus

  1. Its 80° here. Things are in high growin’ gear. The birds and lizards and snakes are out in force as well. Rainin’ at night and sunny and muggy all day. Welcome to Florida.

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