….and continues

We have been waging the Battle of the Weed Patch for a few days now. The progress is steady and we are winning. The pile of debris taken out of the garden space continues to grow as well. We are spreading it out and stomping it into submission. It really is starting to look better.

In the beginning the task almost looked impossible. The weeds were formidable, but we are determined. In my minds eye I can see it all done and the vegetables growing. I have found that keeping this mental image has really helped. Along with Mr. Bs help and encouragement. His favorite saying while working is “We’re taking the garden back.”

Yesterday was an unbelievably beautiful day. Lots of sunshine and breezes. This helped to move the progress along. There is rain and cooler temperatures in the forecast for tomorrow. We really want to finish clearing the garden space today. It will be so nice to have the mass of weeds gone and a much cleared area to look at. Then we will move on to the tilling and raking. I fear that this will also take a lot more time, but will be well worth it in the end.

With a lot of hard work and a little luck with the weather we should have the garden ready to begin planting ( at least the early veggies) by mid April. So for now the clearing continues along with nursing some sore muscles. What we will have at the end of this will be more than worth all of the effort that we have put into it.


2 thoughts on “….and continues

  1. I think thats why I love being a handyman. I can see the glass half full when it comes to a project. I can see it coming to fruition in my minds eye!

    Maybe I’ll be traveling near your home town with my work and I can stop by and pick up some veggies and check out the gulch!

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