A Snowy Day at the Gulch

Our share of the latest winter storm began last night in the form of a downpour of freezing rain. At one point it was falling so hard that the noise almost drowned out the TV. After the first batch of freezing rain the wind came up and howled like a lonesome wolf through the trees. Then another heavy shower of freezing rain moved through.

At some point during the night the rain turned into snow. We awoke to a white world. It is now almost noon and the snow continues to fall. All of the familiar landmarks that I use when I walk through the pasture are obscured by a blanket of white. We still have some wind that is blowing the snow around in dizzying swirls.

Hunter had a good time out tramping through the snow and trying to make snowballs. The snow was almost up to his knees in parts of the pasture and he found that walking through it took a lot more effort than normal. However he had a good time out enjoying the snow.


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