The World is Gray

So far this month we have had more days of dreary overcast than we have seen the sun. There has been a few moments of teaser sunshine, along with a couple of either mornings or afternoons of sunshine. We have some clear nights only to have the clouds return with the daylight.

We have experienced every form of precipitation to go along with the clouds. There has been rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow. Even throw in severe thunderstorms, wind and tornadoes. The temperatures have been sliding up and down to follow along with the precipitation, highs in the upper sixties, sliding down to lows in the lower teens.

After the drought we experienced last summer and into the fall, the rain has been most welcome. The cistern is full, but I still find myself conserving water. In reality this is not a bad thing because it means that I do not take our water supply for granted. Not that I did before, but I am much more conscious of it.


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