Bits and Pieces

The transmission is finally installed in the truck. Jeff2 has been driving it to work and all appears well. It is really nice to have it back on the road. The poor thing seemed so sad sitting there for almost a year on ramps with the engine held up by a jack and its non-functioning transmission forlornly lying on the back porch.

#1 Daughter has finally procured employment. She starts her new job today. I hope that all goes well and that this is the beginning of her road to self sufficiency, something she has wanted for quite some time now. I wish her well in her journey. Both she and Hunter are anticipating the arrival of her SO, Mr. B. He has been working on moving here to be with his family.

Hunter is growing restless with having to be in the house. Between cold and rain he has not been able to play outside very much. #1 Daughter has begun some homeschooling with him and he is doing quite well learning letters, phonics and numbers. He really seems to enjoy the learning sessions, for the most part, but he is easily frustrated with trying to copy/write letters.

As for me, I just feel like I am stuck in a holding pattern waiting for the warmer temperatures of spring. I can see the work that needs to be done on the yard, but it is far too wet, muddy and intermittently cold to be able to do much yet. So I am trying to focus on the mundane cleaning chores in the house and plan the yard work to be done. I am also hoping to be able to have a garden so I am tentative plans for that as well.

We have had some major periods of rain over the last couple of days. There is evidence that the creek was over the bank at some point during the night. There are still large pools of water in the pasture along with the grass bent over from the flowing water. The creek is still very full and if we get another heavy shower it may come over the bank again. But the cistern is full and that is a very good thing.


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