Up and Down Week

At least weather wise. The week started off on the cool side then became rather balmy, and very windy. During one of the balmy and windy days I used my wringer washer and spanking new rinse tub.

After toting water out to fill up the washer and the rinse tub, I drug out a load of clothes and fired up the washer. About then the wind really started cranking. Which can be a good thing when hanging wet laundry out to dry. With some of the more potent gusts I was just hoping that the clothes would stay on the line. I was beginning to think that if they blew off in the breeze I would either find them in the trees at the end of the pasture or maybe in the next county.

Hunter was fascinated with grandma washing clothes on the back porch. He just couldn’t get enough of watching the clothes go through the wringer from the washer to the rinse and then into the basket. At one point he asked me if the wringer hurt the clothes………I had explained to him what could happen to his fingers if got them too close to the wringer. Assured that the clothes didn’t have feelings like his fingers, he enjoyed watching the process.

After two days of warmer than normal temperatures we again got some rain (woohoo!). Then it began to cool off and return to more January like weather. There is even snow forecast for this week end and early next week. I am glad I took advantage of the warmer weather earlier this week.


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