Onward into the New Year

The New Year has found us with much cooler temperatures. It was 8 degrees when I woke up this morning. We also have a dusting of snow mingling with a heavy coating of frost, such a difference from the heat we endured this past summer. I am hoping for a more normal weather pattern with regular rainfall this year.

I am looking forward to putting in a garden. I was initially disappointed when, due to a broken tractor, I didn’t get to plant a garden last year. But since I would have only had to watch it die off in the heat and lack of rain, that turned out for the best. The tractor is still in need of repair, but I am determined to have a garden regardless of that fact. There are other options available to accomplish that task.

Jeff2 has ordered a rinse tub to go with my recently acquired wringer washer. This was the best gift possible! I am eagerly awaiting its arrival, along with warmer temperatures to put both to use. Then with some cleaning and rearranging of the back porch I will be ready to do the laundry outside and hang it on the clothes line.

There were many projects that ended up on the back burner due to various unforeseen circumstances that I want to see done this year. I guess in a way I will be making up for some lost time and am eager for spring to I can dive into getting those things done.

It is much quieter here at the gulch, dog wise. The Pyrenees that found us a year ago when they were in dire straights, grew healthy and filled out from their skeleton like state. But they were unhappy with being confined to a fenced yard, having it their natures to roam larger areas. So I found them homes with farmers with goat herds to tend. I have checked on their progress and they are doing very well and are much happier.

It was with a bit of a heavy heart, but with the knowledge that they were going to homes where they were both to be loved and needed. So now we have only one dog, where at this time last year we had four. I am still missing my dog, Trooper, after he died last fall. His passing has left an empty space in my soul.

With a difficult year behind us, we move on with hope that this year will prove much better than the last.


2 thoughts on “Onward into the New Year

  1. Happy New Year, Morrigan! Sounds like it’s time for a puppy!

    I want a Jack Russell Terrier so bad, but I can’t make my three babies jealous.

    I can’t wait to see a picture of the wringer washer and tub!

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