Good Bye 2007

This has been a year that I will be more than happy to see end. Numerous late freezes preceded by warm spells the either killed off or stunted the growth of many plants. Late spring gave way to an early summer filled with unrelenting heat, humidity and drought.

The arrival of autumn gave no relief to the heat and drought conditions. The creek that was a source of cool comfort on warm afternoons, lay dry and barren of water for months. The leaves on the trees and even the weeds hung limp and all but lifeless in the continuing heat.

Even with careful conservation we found ourselves down to a bit less than 500 gallons of water left in the cistern. It really seemed that the heat and the drought would never end. We were running the air conditioner well into October.

Finally we saw a break in the heat. A little later we had the first of several substantial rains. Our cistern is now almost full and continues to be replenished by frequent rainfall. The deficit in this area is much less than it was, however we are still below average rainfall totals for the year.

There have been other things to contend with besides the trials and tribulations of the weather. They only served to make this a rather long and hard year. We have learned some valuable lessons through it all, but I am happy to bid farewell to this year. I hope that the new year will bring a return of normalcy, even if it is confined to the weather.


2 thoughts on “Good Bye 2007

  1. Happy New Year, Morr! I hope this next year brings some peace and comfort for you guys. And leveled out weather?!

  2. Personally, I had a great year, and am sad to see 2007 go. Being a former Floridian, I would have thought you’d be used to that heat! No? Heck, you should be used to water rationing as well.

    Good luck in the new year!

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