Holiday Rituals

Yesterday Hunter and I spent the day in the kitchen doing some baking. He helped me bake some bread and then we made some Spritz cookies. He was fascinated with the cookie press,  as only an almost 4 year old would be.  I had an array of colored sugars to sprinkle on the tops of the cookies and he was very serious about his  choices for the different cookie shapes.

During the whole process from mixing up the cookie dough to placing the last sheet of cookies in the oven, he stayed right on the stool he uses to reach the counter. He asked endless questions about why the ingredients were added at different times and how to measure different things.

He also discovered that grandma was serious when she told him that the cookie sheet coming out of the oven was hot. In his excitement to get to the first sheet of baked cookies he touched the hot cookie sheet. Fortunately the burn was very minor, but served to reinforce my warnings about hot things. This did not dampen his enthusiasm for long.

It was with great pride that he showed grandpa the cookies that he helped to make and decorate. When his mama got home from work he was so excited about telling her about the cookies that he wasn’t even letting her get in the door. He stood there jumping up and down, his words all running together, trying to tell her about it all at once.

I am so greatfull to have been able to share this time with him. He loves to spend time in the kitchen with me, to help and to see how things are made. He intently watches and analyzes how everything works from making a piece of toast to how the bread was made to have the toast. I think we have a chef in training with this little guy.

The recipe we used to make the Spritz cookies is posted over at RKC The Recipe Files. 


2 thoughts on “Holiday Rituals

  1. Aww, that’s such a sweet and heart warming story. These things will matter so much to him when he is older. I still cherish the times that my mother, sister and I did holiday baking. My mom always played Christmas music, and we just made a big day of it.

    Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!

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