After the long and seemingly never ending heat of summer, it has turned cooler. A lot of my daily activities now center around the wood stove. Starting the morning fire, feeding said fire and of course, enjoying said fire.

A portion of our week end activities center around cutting, splitting and stacking firewood. We have a good supply of dead fall trees at the end of our pasture. So procuring wood is not much of an issue. We have fallen into a routine of dragging said wood up closer to the house, cutting, splitting and stacking it on the porch. Ah firewood, the fuel that heats you twice.

As I have spoken of before, I enjoy that quiet time in the morning when it is just me, my coffee and the fire. When the heat from the fire envelops the house, I know it is time to move on to all the other daily activities, but that bit of serenity follows me throughout my day.

Edited to add: Almost for got to include a reminder that new recipes have been added over at RKC-The Recipe File. 


One thought on “Drivel

  1. We didn’t quite get our gulch home closed in and are in town for the winter. Before we moved we also heated with wood and I miss the morning fire ritual sooooo much.


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