Thanks for the Input!

Thank you for the comments. I really do enjoy sharing my recipes! Thanks to Kirstens’ comment about them being hard to find, I have started a separate blog just for the recipes. This can be found on the left side of this blog, listed under Links. It is called RKC- The recipe file.

I will still be adding a recipe every Monday there, but I may well add more. I was afraid of turning this blog into too much of a recipe book. I am excited about having a blog devoted just to recipes and maybe it will shove me in the direction of publishing my own recipe book. That has long been an ambition of mine. Plus it has gotten me to begin sifting through all the old handwritten recipes I have, some of those are from my great grandmother.

Now this blog will go back to being devoted to happenings here at the gulch and all things related to that subject.

Thanks again for the comments, they truly helped me find my way with this subject.


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