Fall Chores

We have been busy this week end getting some things done before the cold sets in for the duration. A general clean up and probable final mowing of the yard until spring has been accomplished. The putting away of things like hoes and rakes. The hummingbird feeder has been brought in, cleaned and stored until next spring.

We have also been busy gathering the firewood that we need for the wood stove. There are a couple of dead fall tress at the far end of our pasture that will make for excellent fire wood. We have been cutting them down to a manageable size to drag closer to the house to cut, split and stack. Out of just one of those trees we have gotten an amazing amount of usable wood. There is still more there to harvest, so we are in good shape for a supply of wood to warm the house and not have to turn on the electric baseboard heaters.

I really love the woodstove that we installed last year. There is just something that is both cheery and comforting about having a fire going. I really enjoy hearing the wood cracking and popping as it burns as well as just sitting and watching the fire. One of my favorite times of day, after the fire is burning well in the morning is to sit with my coffee, watch the fire and feel the chill taken out of the house. The fire dances and lights the room in the still dark of early morning.

As the first light of the new day peeks over the ridge and spills down into our valley, the squirrels are already busy gathering walnuts from the trees that line the creek. There are flashes of red and blue from the cardinals and blue jays as they fly about looking for the last of the juicy bugs for breakfast. I am still watching for the flock of wild turkeys that graze for bugs in the hayfield, but I have not seen any of them yet.

All too soon my coffee is gone, it is time to put more wood on the fire, get dressed and start the day. Even the memory of my quiet time with coffee, the fire and the hushed predawn stillness will make me smile, no matter what ever else the day brings.


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