Rain, Glorious Rain!

It has been raining now since Monday afternoon. A marvelous steady and gentle rain, with some breaks. We have, so far, gotten 3 3/4 inches. It is just the type of rain that the drought dry ground could soak up. This is the best rain we have had since the end of March.

Our cistern was at a record low level since we acquired the gulch two years ago. Before this rain began we had about 500 gallons of water left. Now the cistern is about 3/4 full. And that is a very nice thing! We never abused the water that we had, but when it got to the record low we used water very sparingly.

Along with the rain we have gotten some periods of wind. Most of the beautiful leaves have either dropped or been blown away leaving only bare tree branches. So the fall colors we were enjoying have been cut short. But I will happily take the trade off of rain for an abbreviated period of autumn splendor.

The creek once again has water running in it. It took almost 2 days of rain before we saw any flow return. It is a wonderful thing to see and to hear. The creek bed was clogged with the masses of leaves that had been dropping before the rain began. Most of those have been swept downstream, but some remain lining the banks.

The forecast still has some more rain predicted before this system moves on and we will be grateful for every drop that we receive.  Hopefully there will be more regular precipitation so that we can declare that the drought we have had this year to be over.


One thought on “Rain, Glorious Rain!

  1. Yay for rain! We’ve had a few days of glorious fallish weather, no humidity,with that fall light that’s, um, falling right now. We’ll probably get up to 80 degrees again, but for now it’s refreshing.

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