Weather Rollercoaster

Monday and Tuesday were in the 90s. The humidity in the air was almost palpable. The air conditioner was running to cool off the house and to get rid of the humidity. We had a southerly breeze that just felt hot and miserable. It was just a continuation of the summer heat. Leaves were falling, but mostly due to the hot and dry conditions.

Wednesday was cooler with highs in the lower 70s. The air was drier and it felt much more comfortable. The breeze was lovely, although it was still from the south, at least until early evening. The wind switched around and began blowing from the north.

This morning we awoke to a temperature of 33. Monday and Tuesday we were running the air conditioner, this morning we fired up the woodstove. There was frost on the windows of the truck. The high temperature today is only forecast to be in the mid 60s. What a difference! I think that fall has finally found us.

Now if only we could get some rain! The extreme drought continues, but at least it is cooler. Other than a few small pools of water scattered here and there, the creek has been dry for months. A while ago we did get enough rain for the creek to make a feeble attempt to flow, but it did not last more than few hours. Any benefit we had from that rainfall has long since disappeared.


One thought on “Weather Rollercoaster

  1. Today we had perfect weather. Perfect. And I so wished I didn’t have to work. It was ruminating weather. How can you concentrate?

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