Thoughts of Fall

Usually by this time of year the heat of summer is becoming a memory. But here we are still dealing with the darn stuff. And the lack of any substantial rain. The weather forecast is promising some rain and cooler temperatures beginning this week end, I am hoping that it will come to pass.

I feel as if we have been stuck in this maddening pattern for so long. One day becomes the next, a week becomes the next, a month becomes the next with no real end in sight to the heat and the drought. In some ways I feel like I am doing another stint in purgatory,  waiting for something to happen to change conditions that are totally out of my control.

I long to see and hear a good gentle soaking rain. An all day or all night type of rain. The kind much often taken for granted, that the ground can soak up. The kind that will bring the creek that runs behind the house back to life. The kind that softly drums on the roof and lulls you into a deep and satisfying slumber. The kind that also brings with it the cooler temperatures of  autumn and the rich aroma of damp earth.

I can hardly wait to feel the first crisp day, the type that makes you begin to think of crackling fires in the wood stove, the softness of flannel shirts and long walks through the swirling autumn leaves. Where the night sky is exploding with stars, your breath hangs in the air and the mornings begin with a hint of frost.


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