It seems as if the unrelenting heat will never move on. It has been hot, humid and without any rain for at least two weeks. The creek, once again, is reduced to a few stagnant pools of water. The brown spots in the yard are increasing in size.

Yesterday we hit a high of 101. There was some breeze, but it was as hot as the temperature. As I gazed out of the window everything looked wilted, tired and beyond caring. The only sounds I heard when I ventured outside came from an occasional passing car and our air conditioner. During the heat of the day even the birds were silent.

I am looking forward to the time when this weather pattern changes. I am longing for cooler breezes so I can empty the house of its stagnant air and my brain of its equally stagnant thoughts. Hunter just wants to be able to play outside and like any child is getting restless with having to stay in the house. It is just too hot to let him go out.

Even sleep has become an elusive commodity for me. Maybe it has something to do with the constant drone of the air conditioner providing the much appreciated cool air. Maybe it is my own longing to be able to spend more time outside. Whatever it is I would like to be able to change it and return to a more peaceful routine.


One thought on “SSDD………..

  1. It has been just too hot to spend any time outside lately, although I do enjoy sitting outside in the evening when it is cooler out there than in the house. We have been getting some much needed rain finally, that has been so nice. I am glad I don’t have to water so much.

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