127 Yard Sale Wrap-up

The yard sale is now history, but as in my previous experience it was worth braving the sweltering temperatures. I did not venture far and wide, because there was just so much close to home to see.

I will try and cover the highlights of the various sellers that I did visit. I saw everything from vintage cars, to antiques. There was even one guy who was selling his gun collection. And a mighty fine collection it was too! Too bad I didn’t have the cash to invest in some of those.

There were folks who were selling honey, fresh fruit and vegetables, and handmade furniture. As for the antiques, there was everything from kitchen utensils, to lamps, dishes, tools, quilts, books, toys, pictures, shoes and clothing.

I really enjoyed the vendors who were willing to talk and negotiate on prices. I picked up a couple of things that I was able to bargain the price down a bit. Nothing very exciting, just a handmade and decorated box with a lid for kindling and an apothecary type box with heavy porcelain drawers.

There was also the typical yard sale type fare such as children’s out grown clothing, toys and the like. Most of the vendors augmented the sale of their items with selling cold sodas and bottled water. I’ll bet that they made a fair bit with just having the cold drinks alone!

I am looking forward to next years yard sale. It is an interesting way to spend a week end.


One thought on “127 Yard Sale Wrap-up

  1. I’ve been doing som rummaging myself. Looking for antique-ish mirrors for a boutique that I’ve been remodeling. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure couldn’t be more true!

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