The Weather

I was hoping for some cooler weather this year for the 127 yard sale, but alas it is not to be. It is warmer here than it is in southwest Florida, for crying out loud! Plus mix in a generous supply of humidity to go with it! Cripes.

So far this year we have dealt with several late freezes, drought, and now someone has opened the gates of hell to celebrate the first of August. According to the forecast we are supposed to have highs in the 90s’ for at least a week. As of this moment it is 94 here at the gulch. I wish we could save some of the warmth to use this winter…….

However, we have at least been getting some rain. The cistern is almost full, thanks to our up-graded collection system. The lawn is filling in with green grass, the brown patches are almost gone. The rhubarb, hardy plant that it is, has once again bounced back from the brink of death. It has survived getting frozen off three times, and almost withered into nothingness by lack of rain, just this year alone.

I am also happy to report that the creek once again has water in it! Before this last round of rain, it was so dry that you walk long stretches right down the middle of it and never even get your feet damp or muddy. It still is low, but at least there is enough water in it for it to flow along.

We will be braving the heat to go out and explore some of the 127 yard sale this week end. At least we can come home and cool off when we get to hot!


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