Getting Dirty

I spent a good part of the day yesterday working in the yard.  After finally getting some much needed rain,  it was time to mow the yard. While it still has some major brown spots, and now a large area that has no grass at all, it looked better after being cut. I think that it will be awhile and take a few more rain showers to return to its lush state, it looks better than it has in a while.

I have all but given up hope of getting any rhubarb this year. First the poor things were frozen off three times by late cold temperatures, then they had to deal with sweltering heat and lack of rain.  I take it as a good sign that they are no longer lying limp on the ground and that there are new shoots sprouting up. Time will tell I guess.

I have lost two of my peony bushes and the rest are in a state of stunted growth. They should be so much bigger by now, but hopefully with continued rain showers they will start growing again. I am hoping that the ones that died off still have a spark of life left in the roots. It would be so nice to see some new growth starting.

The lilacs that I planted are still alive and green, but like most everything else there hasn’t been much sign of growth. But just the fact that they are alive gives me hope that they will be able to catch up. Unfortunately all the honeysuckle that I planted along the outside of the fence across the front is gone. I cannot find one single living plant.

After the last rounds of rain that we have had there is once again water in the creek. It is not  back to its normal self, but there is a small flow to it now. I think I have missed the sound of the creek most of all.


One thought on “Getting Dirty

  1. The storms just pass right over us any more. My grass crackles under my feet, and I think it was darn near smoldering today when we broke 100. Hot and Dry. What I wouldn’t do for some rain. I can’t water enough. It does no good.

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