A Strange Noise

I was awoken at 4:30 this morning by a strange noise. In my groggy state it took me a minute to figure out just what it was…….

A brilliant flash of lightening followed by a reverberating crash of thunder confirmed what I was hearing. Rain. It was such a marvelous sound and I said a silent prayer that it would continue. We have had a few teaser showers that didn’t amount to anything and I really wanted to have some substantial rain. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep lest I would scare off the thunderstorm. I think I managed to doze a little.

Finally I got up at about 6am. I tentatively looked out the window and it was still raining! In fact it rained steadily, but not pouring down, until about 1pm. We have gotten a glorious 1 3/4 inches of rain so far. We should be getting some more showers later this afternoon or this evening.

The rain that we have had so far has washed the dust off of everything. I could almost hear my thirsty lawn drinking up the gently falling water. I stood at the back door with my first cup of coffee just watching and listening to the rain with the accompanying lightning and thunder. It was the most beautiful sound that I have heard in a while.


3 thoughts on “A Strange Noise

  1. We had a very dry, I mean arid, really parched first 6 months of this year. Our yard stayed brown. The trees wilted along with the plants. It was yucky. Now, hurricane season is here and we get our normal 2 hour rain every afternoon. Being a former Floridian, you know about our summer showers. Don’tcha?

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