Inspiration lately has been as elusive as the rain. Just when it seems that we will be involved with a rainstorm, it dwindles, then vanishes into thin air. Much like my inspiration for writing, I have an idea that wanders away when I sit down at the keyboard. Maybe I am too focused on watching the clouds and hoping for rain. Or maybe I am just much too easily distracted.

My once green and lush lawn has turned to a mostly brown and wiry graveyard. In the dead and dying grass the dogs have worn dusty paths. Any breeze that passes only stirs up forlorn dust devils that coat everything in a grimy veil and hangs around where the air is still.

We have had a very few teaser rain showers that were short lived and while it did provide a little moisture, in the end was only enough to settle the dust for a while. We once again have the promise of some rain and I can only hope that it comes to fruition. A good thunderstorm complete with a soaking rain would be far more enjoyable than all the fireworks displays planned for today. Most of the displays around here have been canceled anyway, due to the dry conditions.

It is so sad to walk down by the creek, whose musical chatter has been silenced. Most of creek bed is dry, there are only small pools of water that remain, and those are shrinking with every passing day.  There is a forlorn rattle to the still green, but parched leaves on the trees as the breeze passes through.


2 thoughts on “Lacking

  1. Sigh. I’ve had mindwebs for the opposite reason. We’ve just had constant rain-I’d send some if I could. Gray. bleh. Oh well, fire danger is abated.
    Watch us have a drought for the rest of the summer.
    Happy 4th!

  2. I can totally relate to the elusive inspiration. I just finished with my own bout of writer’s block. We’ve also been struggling with the drought here, but have gotten some rain in the past week.

    Here’s hoping that the rain and your inspiration returns quickly.

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