Painting, again

Yesterday I finished the bedroom. The project became a lot more drawn out than I had originally planned, but it is finally done! I am happy with the result.

Once again I had to get rid of wallpaper covered paneling. Behind it I found a wall in not too bad of shape, but it needed a lot of spackle. Both from all the nail holes from the paneling and some old water damage that the paneling was covering up. At least, on that wall, the wallpaper and the paneling came off together. The wallpaper boarder around the rest of the room didn’t give up without a fight. So once again there I was wetting down the damned stuff and scraping it off. I will have much satisfaction watching that crap burn in the fire ring.

I never noticed just how dirty the walls were until I was soaking that boarder off. The water was running down the wall and leaving cleaner streaks, it was really disgusting looking! Then I had the thought running through my head that I had been living with that for over a year thinking that someone had a poor choice of paint color. The paint, under the dirt, wasn’t the greatest but not as bad as what I had been looking at all this time.

The room is now a nice restful shade of dusky green, and it compliments the comforter and bed skirt that I have. I am so happy to have this room done, well at least the painting. I still have decorative touches to do here and there, but I will have those done shortly. Then it will be the cozy bedroom that I envisioned when we moved in.


3 thoughts on “Painting, again

  1. I always hated peeling wallpaper off the walls. We’ve got some in the kitchen that has probably been there at least 15-20 years. Since it doesn’t want to peel off, we’re going to sand, prime and paint right over it since it’s smooth enough.

    The finished rooms sounds fantastic. Congrats on one more project completed!

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