Some more DIY

I finally got started on our bedroom. One wall had wallpaper covered paneling, god awful wall paper. To me it always looked dirty, tiny little hearts and flowers on a dark beige back ground.

I lifted a corner of the wall paper and practically the whole walls worth of wall paper came right off to reveal……equally crappy paneling. This scenario was very reminiscent of last years twilight zone hall way incident. So now I am removing the paneling. It was at this point that Hunter wandered into the room from playing outside. He looked at what I was doing and announced that I had, “broken the bedroom”!

What I had uncovered was a regular wall hidden beneath icky paneling and worse wall paper. So now that the de-construction is finished, I will fill all the nail holes from the paneling (and a few other ugly spots) and sand down said repairs. Then move on to a coat of primer and finally paint the whole room. But first I have to take down the equally awful wall paper boarder from the rest of the room……I hate wall paper.


One thought on “Some more DIY

  1. We are amidst a wallpaper nightmare as well. We’re guessing that the wallpaper guy must have been really handsome, because our house has wallpaper in almost every room. Not just any ol’ wallpaper…it’s got huge ugly mauve colored flowers. Hideous I tell you. Hideous!

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