The Swing Set

We ordered a swing set for Hunter and it was delivered Wednesday. He always gets so excited when he sees either the mail man or a UPS truck. It is like magic for him when either one of them stops here. So when the UPS truck stopped and delivered a very large box he was beside himself with curiosity.

Then he saw the picture of a swing set on the box, broke out in a huge grin and kept saying, “It’s amazin’, isn’t it grandma?” He almost couldn’t contain his excitement while we were putting the swing set together. He was very good at helping to hand us various tools and watched intently as the swing set took shape.

I almost couldn’t get him to come inside for dinner. He kept asking if it was going be there tomorrow. When he was finally assured that it wouldn’t vanish overnight, he kept saying how now he had his own park to play in everyday. We let him play on it until after he would have normally come inside for the day. He wore himself out climbing the ladder and going down the slide.

Watching his joy at having a simple thing like a swing set reminded me that more and more it is the simple and uncomplicated things that bring the most happiness. Along with the most long lasting joy. I feel so blessed to once again see things from a child’s viewpoint and to able to share that excitement with him.


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